Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moms, Rain and Good Food

I got up this morning to see the creek in front of my house almost level with the road and it was still raining. Great. Today was the Mother's Day Luncheon at church and it was pouring.

I knew that even though I didn't have much to unload when I got to the Christian student center, that Sandy, Dawn and Amie had carloads of china, crystal, silverware and food to carry into the building in the rain. There were also tablecloths and flowers for all the tables. It was a major undertaking to pull this off. I really believe Sandy brought 1/2 of her kitchen. She was so prepared for the occasion. She has a gift for planning events like today. I love it that she is a Southern woman who wants pretty things on her table and it has to be "just so". I was raised to do things "the right way". You know, hostess sits at the end of the table, host sits on the opposite end of the table. It is kind of like not wearing white shoes before Easter and never after Labor Day. Today's luncheon was done with excellance. It was certainly not perfect, but it was excellent.

We were feeding 30 people, mostly our mothers, our daughters and granddaughters. Every family had their picture made together as a gift to take home. We wanted it to be special and I believe that it was just that.

I enjoyed eating lunch with my mom and my daughter, Rebekah, I also had big fun in the kitchen. Funny thing about this small group of ladies that I serve with-they are all quite skilled and very funny. We get along well with each other and have an open and honest relationship. If we can't do something, we don't pretend that we can. Transparency. I love it!

We actually worked without fussing or running over one another. Four women in one kitchen is usually a train wreak. Not today. It was a blessing for me.

You get to know people so much better when you serve with them. You find out that they are not perfect so the pressure is off to pretend to be perfect yourself. There is so much freedom in that! I hope the ladies who attended were blessed by being there. I know I was.


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