Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leah's Graduation

On May 9th, our oldest daughter, Leah, graduated from Lipscomb University with her Masters degree in Education Administration. Now she is Leah Wilson, M. Ed. Sounds impressive to me! She worked hard and ended up with a 3.90 GPA.

Our two precious grandchildren, Allie, age 3 1/2 and Elijah, age 19 months watched their Mommy walk down the aisle to accept her diploma. Allie understood the process and was so proud of her mom. Elijah, on the other hand, was content to color in his coloring book and clap when everyone else clapped. Along with Leah's children and her husband, Nick, her grandparents, Eugene and Wilma Harris, her Aunt Martye, her Aunt Deanie and Uncle Marvin, Nick's parents, Ken and Ginger Wilson and her dad, Jerry and I were also there to cheer her on! Watching her march in with the other graduates made me cry. It seemed just yesterday we were watching her graduate from Head Start.

We had a graduation party afterward at Leah and Nick's home. Her childhood best friend, Bobbi was there to share in the moment. Leah is the closest thing Bobbi has to a sister and they are still close after all these years. Bobbi's mom, Betty was also there. Betty was my sixth grade teacher in 1970 and she was Leah's first grade teacher in 1985. It is no wonder we all feel like family.
Watching this day as it unfolded, I realized that I, too, need to get off my duff and finish my undergrad degree. The only challange with that: I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.


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