Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Friends

Today we had "Praise in the Park" in the Barfield-Crescent Park. We joined with the Christ the King congregation for worship and fellowship. It was wonderful! The food was great, the worship was inspiring and the fellowship was sweet.

Years ago I worked for Phillips Bookstore on the campus of MTSU. Shortly after I was hired, a gentlemen names Charles Treece was hired to work overseeing the book department, etc. Charles and I developed a relationship of mutual respect. He is a Baptist and I am a member of the Church of Christ. We both acknowledged that we were brother and sister in Christ in spite of our demonationial differences. We often shared prayer requests and on a few occasions, actually had prayer time in the bookstore, while we were watching over our shoulders for the boss. We always talked about visiting each other's congregations but we never did. After I left the bookstore, we would run into Charles and his wife occasionally and have a short visit. I always regretted that we didn't get to worship together.

As we drove into the parking space before our worship this morning, we noticed that the praise team was warming up. We slowly made our way into the pavilion, our eyes having to adjust to the darkness of the structure. Low and behold, who would you guess was singing on the praise team? Charles Treece! I certainly wasn't expecting to see him and he wasn't expecting to see us either. We both had found a new church home that suited us better than our old one and today we were all meeting together! It is wonderful how God brings old friends together to worship Him.

The food wasn't bad either!


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