Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning Glorys

Jerry and I went to the garden late this afternoon to do some work. It has been too muddy this week to do a whole lot up there. We decided we had waited long enough. We put on our old shoes and took off up the road.

Jerry's first project was to stake the tomatoes. There are fifty seven plants and they are growing pretty fast. I am excited about having buckets and buckets of ripe tomatoes to share with our family and to can! Leah and Rebekah want to learn to can and I think tomatoes will be where we will start. The day that they are predicting frost in the fall, we will go to the garden and pull all the green tomatoes so that we can make chow-chow. Our chow-chow is so good, we have an unofficial fan club!

My job tonight was weeding. I have decided that there are morning glory seeds wrapped up in the corn seed. For every stalk of corn we planted, there was a long morning glory vine wound up the stalk from the root to the top. My first impulse was to jerk the weed but when the corn started wanting to rip out by the root, I figured my method would have to change.

In order to get that pest of a plant away from my corn, I had to go straight to the root of the problem. I had to trace the vine to the root and pull it all out of the ground and then unwind the vine from the corn to keep from damaging the corn stalk.

I guess morning glory weeds are like the problems we all have in our lives. In order to either solve the problem or make it go away, we have to start at the root. We can't start in the middle or at the end-just at the root unless we want to do some real damage.

Next time you see a morning glory in your garden, rip that sucker up from the root. It will give you great pleasure!

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