Sunday, June 21, 2009

Allie and Elijah

Jerry and I had the pleasure of taking care of two of our precious grandchildren Friday night and Saturday. They love to come to Camp Grandpa/Grandma every opportunity that presents itself. We love for them to be here. Allie is almost four years old. Allie looks like her mom, Leah, who looks like her dad and his twin sister, Deanie. Allie has a very compassionate heart. She is an encourager and a comforter. She watches Elijah like a hawk. As long as Allie is around, Elijah is safe and so is everyone else.

We have a fish pond in our backyard. Before you get bent out of shape about an open body of water in the yard, I must tell you it is behind a locked gate. I even have trouble getting it open because of it's weight. I know, however, that it won't be long until they will leave me in the dust getting it open and running to the pond.

Anyway, Allie and Elijah were sitting on the rocks with their toes in the water playing with the fish. Elijah decided that the water looked fine for swimming and he jumped in, feet first. He loved it and it scared Allie so badly that she cried. She was so afraid he was hurt. Jerry and I were standing right there and I immediately grabbed him and pulled him out, soaking wet of course.

A few hours later we were back outside for another round of play time. Elijah wanted to go back to the pond, so Jerry took him over there for a minute. Allie went to Jerry and said, "Grandpa, PLEASE get Elijah away from the pond. I just know he is going to get hurt." She was so upset. Jerry quickly got Elijah and brought him back up to the deck, behind the locked gate. It took Allie several minutes to calm down and to know that Elijah was okay.

Allie would hurt someone who tried to hurt her little brother in any way. She is his protector and he is so precious to her! She doesn't hesitate to show him how much she cares. However, the two of them have their own "moments" and it is funny to watch them go at each other.

Elijah is all boy. We have never had a baby boy in my family. My dad, who is 75, was the last boy born on the Harris side of my family. Elijah's middle name is Harris to at least keep the Harris name somewhere in history.

Elijah knows no fear. He is a jumper and he will jump over/off of anything. You have to watch him very closely or he will be gone! He is a big eater and there is not much he won't eat. He has the biggest blue eyes and he will melt your heart. He has already told me that he is going to take care of me when I am old. Just ask him!

Jerry and I are so blessed to have three of the most delightful grandchildren in our lives. We are excited to see where God leads these precious children as they grow up.

Happy Father's Day everyone! I know that Jerry is a blessed dad and grandpa and that his family loves him very much.


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