Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

Saturday was a day of watching and waiting. We spent the majority of the day with the television on watching first channel two, then channel four and finally channel five. There isn't anything more tiring than waiting, whether it is in a weather situation or in a hospital room.

We were blessed that the really bad weather didn't come anywhere near us. We had a storm or two but nothing to be worried over. Isn't that just like us to worry over something that probably won't even happen?

The biggest blessing of the weekend is that we got to spend some quality time with each of our daughters and their families. Rebekah, Josh and Maggie came to ride the storms out on Saturday. Their house is on top of a hill in Woodbury and when the weather is threatening, they come here. If the need arose, we were will headed to Mom and Dad's basement. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Maggie and I took a "nap" while watching television in our bedroom while the rest of the group literally took naps in the living room. We topped it off with dinner at the benefit at the community center.

Sunday afternoon, Leah, Nick, Allie and Elijah came for lunch and we spent the afternoon playing in the yard. Allie learned how to hit a baseball while Leah and Nick played catch. Elijah and I did some sliding (I just barely fit) and later Allie, Elijah and I did some trampoline jumping. Today I am feeling the effects!

Lazy afternoons spent with family members are precious gifts. I should be so blessed to get to unwrap them more often.


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