Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have made it no secret that I was born the creative one in my family and my sister, Martye, was born with the "cleaning" gene.  Martye's house is always spotless, although she would argue that it isn't.  Her standard is higher than mine, apparently.  She can see dirt and grime when I see nothing.  It is a good thing that she is not judgmental, because if she was, she wouldn't come to my house.  She couldn't eat off of my floors, although, you can eat off of hers.  My house tends to be cluttered more than dirty.  Creative minds create clutter you know.

Yesterday was a strange day in the Bryan household.  Jerry is laid up with the reoccurring "goat" injury for a few days.  Since we had nowhere to be or nothing that had to be done, I decided I was going to do some cleaning in our bedroom.  The original goal was to change the sheets, vacuum the floors, dust and maybe, just maybe clean out my closet. 

It all started when I took the sheets off the bed.  I looked at the dust ruffle and noticed it was dirty.  Off it came, along with the blankets and the bedspread.  My laundry room floor looked like my linen closet had thrown up in it.   I decided that since the linens were all getting cleaned, that I would take the mattress and box springs off and vacuum under the bed.  While I had the bed out to vacuum under it, I noticed the windows were dirty and that led to taking the curtains down and washing them.  While all the laundry was being done, I took all the drawers out of my dresser, cleaned them out and rearranged them.  I moved the dresser and vacuumed the floor where it had been sitting.  I moved the night stand, etc. until every surface in the room had either been washed, vacuumed or dusted.

Jerry asked me if I was taking prednisone!  He thought I must be taking something because of the rate of speed that I was getting things done!

Last night, I laid my head down on a clean pillowcase in a clean bedroom.  Although everything was clean and fresh (except my closet), the best rewards that came out of my cleaning frenzy were all the things I found in the process.  I found Mother's day cards from my girls that were so sweet, I found pictures that had been hastily tucked away years ago that brought back wonderful memories and I found the mates to some of my socks that had been missing for a while.

Maybe Martye didn't get all the cleaning genes after all.  I still believe that she is creative, she just doesn't want to admit it!

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